Bitácora -melea- Trader

Whoever follows me knows that I said in December of 2016, BTC 2500 in June 2017, remember my words. And…

lol What now? Crazy? Who? lol

Btc 2600 Done, Clic here and 0.o

And one more time!

I am not here for love, it is more for money, so that question is irrelevant. Better let’s talk about investments.

I make real predictions:

Take a look to my section here Clic Here!  o.0

I am make my job on Poloniex TrollBox but now, its like;

News; Melea is not gone so


And I love my work, so now I’m going to do this in a much more professional way, because to be honest I love doing good trading, but I hate the damn trolls and their lies to cheat.


My way of predicting is studying certain parameters and I have my istinto which is what tells me where to look, in this case study PPC and I realized that I was about to do big pump and as I always warned so that my followers made good money fast , I do not make a call to buy massively at the time of reading me, that is a mistake, usually posting and dumping so do not buy or sell for reading my messages, simply catch attention to what I say, because I study the coins , I do research work and share my views here, that’s it, no one can predict the future at 100%, well I’m really good but do not ever confide.

PPC under imo i said JUN 02 Clic here and 0.o

and…..  JUN 04 more 100% done.  Clic here and 0.o

Yes, i m real and back to the business.

And if you are surprised, I say that what you have seen,  is not compared to what is here clic  o.0  

And what is to come here clic for future  here 0.o ,

Do not miss it me for new predictions and real studies, noson admitted troll comments. So I welcome you, take note and enjoy the ride.

melea = priceless

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